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For posts that do not follow the rules for this board, please email becca@alum.mit.edu to request removal. List 1) which board, 2) the URL of the post -- should be something like 23343.html -- which you can get by moving your cursor over the title of the post on this page and 3) which rule it breaks.

Seeking help? or want to help others?

Please note that this board will be shut down on 10/1. Thanks for a great run! When we got started, there weren't very many places where you can discuss enneagram. Now there are Enneagram Institute and other good sites. I don't have the time to maintain the board properly. So I'm shutting it down. Thanks for all your support through the years! -Becca

As of 10/2 the boards have been archived. This means you will no longer be able to post. You are free to read the messages already on the boards, as well as the rest of 9types Web site. Thanks again! -- Becca

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