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 Type 7. Enthusiast 
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Please feel free to share your thoughts on the enneagram type 7. If you are a 7, you can tell us why you think so, what it's like to be a 7, what you like or don't like about it, etc.. This can help others to identify themselves or understand 7's better.

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A friend (None),Type 7, wrote on Wed Jul 16 08:53:31 CDT 2003:
Your form for personality type 7 is not properly appearing on this page. I sent an e-mail to the webmaster, but thought I'd also leave this comment (the hard way) so that you would know. Thanks!

Becca (),Type unsure, wrote on Sun Mar 17 12:01:46 CST 2002:
The comment area is working again. Please feel free to post!

Phil (melsphilip@hotmail.com),Type 7, wrote on Thu Jan 11 12:59:54 MST 2001:
I am not an enthusiast, i don't even know why i took this freakin test man. I agree with the person above chuck. Andrea i believe, these questions are the extreme type. I guess its ok, i did scored high on the other types, but i'm certainly not an enthusiastic person.

(krother26@yahoo.com),Type 7, wrote on Wed Jan 10 16:56:45 MST 2001:
i just took this test today at school and i find the results very accurate. it is amazing, although i do think i lean towards a six sometimes. i just think that it is cool to know what my personality traits could possibly lead to in the future and try to stop negative occurances from happening.

wojtek (dinges@poczta.onet.pl),Type 7, wrote on Wed Jan 10 05:35:54 MST 2001:
Hello, I'm 7 followed by 8, in addition Aries, what migth explain all. Well, it's quite funny to do such a test, especially, that results seem to be true... Wojtek

Tiffany Robbins* (jcpiglet05@hotmail.com),Type 7, wrote on Tue Jan 9 09:24:01 MST 2001:
well hello there, i think that this testing was pretty accurate. i enjoyed doing it very much!! i love doing things adventurous and exciting and seeing what is in store for my life. it makes me very intereted in what blessing or fullfillments i'm going to have in my life. thank you very much for making these testings available to teens our age, because if someone was really confused about what they are going to be doing in life, or what achievments tehy may have in life, then maybe if they go and do one of these tests than they may find some happiness in their lives. who knows?? well again i enjoyed this very much!! and thanx!! have a great day ya'll!! KOS~~~Keep On Smilin'!!! =:o) =:o)

Suz (),Type 7, wrote on Fri Jan 5 19:43:11 MST 2001:
Message to the younger 7s out there who are unsure what to do with themselves... I am an ENFP, 7 folowed by 2. I am in sales and love it- the freedom, the lifestyle, the flexibility, the energy from talking to clients, it is a great job for people like us. Also I highly recommend team sport, even captaining them if you have a chance. Plus I co-ordinate events in my spare time. All of these things make me happy, just wish there was more time to do more things! I hope this gives dir