Hurley & Dobson - What's My Type?

One: The Achiever

Deception: Determination (Anger)
Pseudo-deception: Imperfection
Antidote: Patience
Pseudo-antidote: Hard work
Illusion of Reality: Striving
Self-justification: "I create order."
Time Orientation: Make the present the way it should be
Approach to Problem Solving: Dependent: "I relate."
Relationship to Life: Way of Reduction: "I am overwhelmed by life."


  1. Do you continually think about ways you could have done something better or ways you might have responded to a person or a situation more to your advantage?
  2. Is there a voice in your mind that criticizes everything you do and many things other people do?
  3. Have you frequently had to sacrifice your desires or opportunities because people close to you are more verbal or more aggressive about their needs, or because they have needs that seem to take priority?
  4. Do you make "To Do" lists for yourself and for others?
  5. When you are working on a project, do interruptions break your concentration on the details and trigger a "slow burn" of anger?
  6. Do you think you try hard at everything in life and often wish you could be more laid back or easygoing?
  7. Do you feel revulsion toward people who are always needy or looking for a "free ride" in life and silently criticize them for not taking charge of their own lives?
  8. When planning to make a purchase, do you ignore the person who tries to give you a sales pitch and look for someone who will give you the information you need and let you make up your own mind?
  9. Do you consistently find yourself redoing tasks because others failed to do them right the first time?

Kathleen V. Hurley & Theodore E. Dobson

What's My Type?
Use the Enneagram System of Nine Personality Types to Discover Your Best Self
HarperSanFrancisco, 1991, 186 pages