Keyes - Emotions and the Enneagram

Point One: The Program of Perfection with Resentment

Special Gift: A vision of balance and completion
Self-Definition: "I'm right. I'm hardworking."
Shadow Issue: Wrath
Rejected Element: Direct expression of anger
Addiction: Perfection
Strength Needed: Forebearance, serenity
Defense Mechanism: Reaction formation
Psychological Disturbance: Compulsive personality
Talk Style: Preach and teach
Preoccupations Include: Demanding internal standards.
Difficulty acknowledging personal desires that conflict with these standards of correctness.
Comparing self to others and concern about criticism.
Compulsive worry about wrong decisions.
Self-righteous displacement of anger towards what appear to be legitimate outside targets.
Focus on error (which can develop superb powers of criticism, including humor).
Conflict between rigidity and sensitivity.
Focus: Personal emphasis on worry.
Couple emphasis on jealousy.
Community emphasis on consistency and firmness.
Life Task: To achieve a sense of serenity with a body secure in its capacities. As projections are worked through and resentment has been tamed, compassion becomes possible.

Margaret Frings Keyes

Emotions and the Enneagram
Working Through Your Shadow Life Script
Molysdatur Publications, Muir Beach, California,1992, 164 pages