Keyes - Emotions and the Enneagram

Point Three: The Program of Achievement with Emphasis on Image

Special Gift: The ability to get things done
Self-Definition: "I'm successful."
Shadow Issue: Lying
Rejected Element: Failure
Addiction: Efficiency
Strength Needed: Truth/hope
Defense Mechanism: Identification
Psychological Disturbance: Workaholism; manic-depression
Talk Style: Self-promotion
Preoccupations Include: Identification with competitive achievement.
Belief that they get love for what they produce rather than what they are.
Poor access to personal feelings. Constant adjustment of image to gain approval. Self-deception to maintain a public image.
Identification of self with role or job over family concerns.
Submission by conforming to other's values, then avoidance of depression by achieving the other's approval.
Convergent thinking: a multi-track mind focused on a single goal.
Focus: Personal emphasis on security.
Couple emphasis on masculinity/femininity.
Community emphasis on prestige.
Life Task: To stop valuing themselves in terms of their performance. Usually only a significant failure can precipitate the depression needed to sufficiently slow down and question what they are doing, and why. Hope comes with the practice of truth and in glimpsing a larger vision of lawfulness.

Margaret Frings Keyes

Emotions and the Enneagram
Working Through Your Shadow Life Script
Molysdatur Publications, Muir Beach, California,1992, 164 pages