Keyes - Emotions and the Enneagram

Point Four: The Program of Excellence with Moody Nostalgia

Special Gift: The ability to create beauty
Self-Definition: "I'm unique. I conform to standards of excellence."
Shadow Issue: Envy
Rejected Element: The "commonplace"
Addiction: Superior standards with contempt for lesser standards
Strength Needed: Contentment
Defense Mechanism: Introjection, artistic sublimation
Psychological Disturbance: Depression and manic-depression
Talk Style: Sad Stories
Preoccupations Include: Attraction to the distant and unavailable.
Attachment to a melancholy mood, impatience with flat ordinary feelings, need to re-intensify through loss, fantasy and drama.
Submission to loss and limitation by making a transformed version.
Luxury and artistic good taste as bolsters to self-esteem.
Push-pull attention focus on negative features of what one has and positive features of what is not available, reinforcing feelings of abandonment and loss but also fostering sensitivity to emotion and pain in others with abiltity to support them in crisis.
Focus: Personal emphasis on reckless, defensive action.
Couple emphasis on competition.
Community emphasis on shame.
Life Task: To achieve a sense of the reality of now and to attain the strength of contentment and balance in harmony with all that is. Uncovering the grief and sadness under the creative displacement allows competition.

Margaret Frings Keyes

Emotions and the Enneagram
Working Through Your Shadow Life Script
Molysdatur Publications, Muir Beach, California,1992, 164 pages