Keyes - Emotions and the Enneagram

Point Six: The Program of Security with Fear and Doubt

Special Gift: Care and concern for the Group
Self-Definition: "I'm loyal. I'm cautious."
Shadow Issue: Cowardice or counter-phobic reckless courage
Rejected Element: Originality
Addiction: Security
Strength Needed: Courage (Faith)
Defense Mechanism: Projection
Psychological Disturbance: Anxiety disorder, paranoid schizophrenia
Talk Style: Group Thought
Preoccupations Include: High alertness to danger.
Phobic/counter-phobic authority problems; submit or rebel; push or surrender.
Identity with the underdog.
Procrastination; thinking replaces doing.
Amnesia regarding success and pleasure.
Suspicion of other's motives, fear of hositility and possible eruption of one's own negative reactions.
Skepticism and doubt.
Scanning the environment to look for clues that might explain inner sense of threat.
Focus: Personal emphasis on warmth/affection.
Couple emphasis on strength/beauty.
Community emphasis on duty.
Life Task: To achive faith that nothing from the outside can hurt his or her essence; to attain trust and strength of courage.

Margaret Frings Keyes

Emotions and the Enneagram
Working Through Your Shadow Life Script
Molysdatur Publications, Muir Beach, California,1992, 164 pages