Keyes - Emotions and the Enneagram

Point Nine: The Program of Non-aggression with Indolence and Indecision

Special Gift: Peaceful awareness
Self-Definition: "I'm easy-going."
Shadow Issue: Laziness
Rejected Element: Conflict
Addiction: Indecision/Inaction
Strength Needed: Action (Love)
Defense Mechanism: Narcotization; "shutting off the juice"
Psychological Disturbance: Obsessive/passive aggressive personality
Talk Style: Epic stories
Preoccupations Include: Dichotomy of belief/doubt.
Dichotomy of mystical/worldly concerns.
Replacing essential needs with inessential substitutes.
Indecisiveness and difficulty saying "no".
Containment of physical energy and anger.
Control through stubbornness and passive aggression.
Fluctuating attitudes, oppositional behavior and emotions -- either to adhere to the desires of others as a means of gaining security, or to be defiantly resistant and independent.
Difficulty in maintaining a personal point of view, but ability to recognize and support another's position.
Fight-phobic: avoiding conflict by not knowing the anger wihtin.
Focus: Personal emphasis on appetite.
Couple emphasis on union.
Community emphasis on participation.
Life Task: To experience love guided by the strength of taking actions appropriate to any given situation, including conflict.

Margaret Frings Keyes

Emotions and the Enneagram
Working Through Your Shadow Life Script
Molysdatur Publications, Muir Beach, California,1992, 164 pages