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Type 7. Enthusiast

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   Callahan - The Enneagram for Youth

Type Seven: The Materialist

Personality Identification

What do I want most?

  • I want happiness, excitement, to discover, and to do new things.

What is most important to me?

  • It is important to me to always have a plan for what happens next. I always have a plan for the future.

What is the worst thing that could happen to me?

  • The worst thing that could happen to me would be to be bored and broke.

How do I see myself (on a good day)?

  • I am friendly, fun-loving, and able to do well at whatever I choose to do.

Path of Peace: Seven (Materialist) looks to Five (Watcher)

Once a Seven slows down and appreciates here-and-now reality, it becomes reflective like a healthy Five, responsible like a healthy Six, forgiving like a healthy One, and self-confident like a healthy Eight.

I am appreciative.
[5. Watcher]
I am independent.
[8. Chief]
I am satisfied.
[7. Materialist]
I am responsible.
[6. Defender]
I am forgiving.
[1. Judge]

Path of Storms: Seven (Materialist) looks to One (Judge)

When a Seven goes to One it becomes unforgiving and rigid like an unhealthy One, frenetic like an unhealthy Six, stingy like an unhealthy Five, and filled with the anger of an unhealthy Eight.

I am gluttonous.
[5. Watcher]
I am vengeful.
[8. Chief]
I am dependent.
[7. Materialist]
I am agitated.
[6. Defender]
I am inflexible.
[1. Judge]

A Counseling Approach

  • Yes, when you slow down and become still inside you see things more clearly and appreciate them more.
  • Yes, when you take the time to notice the goodness of the people who love you, and accept them as they are, you become a very loyal person.
  • Yes, when you believe that you are good enough as you are, you are able to see the goodness of others.
  • Yes, your loving nature comes out when you become appreciative and forgiving.
  • Yes, life is satisfying once you slow down. Notice its goodness.

Rev. William J. Callahan, S.J.

The Enneagram for Youth
Counselor's Manual
Loyola University Press, 1992, 156 pages

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