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Dynamics of Type 8: Leader

World View: The world is an unjust place. I am strong and I defend the innocent.
Basic Desire: to be self-reliant
Basic Fear: of submitting to others

Healthy loop controlled by Basic Desire:
Need to be self-reliant -> strength -> independent -> Need to be self-reliant

In the healthy state, the need to be self-reliant induces Type Eights to become stronger and capable of defending others. When Eights are independent, their need is satisfied and a balance is reached.

In the average state, when Eights' are not building their strength as much, they will become more dependent on others for certain needs. This increases the need to be self-reliant, which helps Eights to again work hard to become strong. Thus the balancing loop can help Eights to recover.

Unhealthy loop controlled by Basic Fear:
Fear of submitting to others -> controlling -> independent -> Fear of submitting to others

In the unhealthy state, the basic fear of submitting to others can cause Type Eights to lash out and try to control others as a defense. This unfortunately make them ironically more dependent on others, which further increases Eights' basic fear. The cycle continues to build up.

We can see from the diagram that a way to help break the control of the basic fear is to weaken the unhealthy loop. Eights can refrain from controlling others but start to strengthen themselves instead. This will naturally make them more independent and thus reduce the fear of submitting to others.

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