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Personality Compass: your style combination is?
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Personality Compass: your style combination is?

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Posted by Jan den Breejen ( on September 15, 2002 at 10:30:41:

Interesting booklet about the 4 basic personality styles and substyles. Useful for novice readers on the subject of personality.


case text citation:
Get to know yourself and your loved ones with The Personality Compass

Following the compass and global archetypes can offer you essential insight into your personality and inner dynamic. The Personality Compass pinpoints North people as fundamentally assertive, decisive and task-oriented, while East people are characterised by structure, detail and following the rules. Further round, South people are easy-going and talkative, while West people tend to be free-spirited, creative and adventurous. The Personality Compass offers a ground-breaking exploration of the main personality types which form the basis of societies all over the world.

So read on to find out whether you are run true North, are down South or are moving in a North-easterly direction!

To see an illustration of The Personality Compass Chart - click here

Take the Compass Challenge

Check out these taster questions to point you in the right direction of The Personality Compass. There are a much wider range of questions to really find your true direction in the book.

What would you choose?

Would you prefer to:
a) Go to a job you enjoy
b) Chat for a couple of hours on the patio

NORTH would choose to work. SOUTH would choose the conversation.

Would you choose to:
a) Finish your calculations for a report you’ve been working on
b) Drop everything immediately to go parasailing

EAST would choose to finish what they’re doing. WEST would choose adventure over tedium.

Would you choose to:
a) Help someone else look good
b) Taking the credit for the hard work you put in to making a project successful

SOUTH would choose to stay in the background and let the others receive the accolades. NORTH would choose to do the work themselves and receive the recognition they deserve.

Would you choose to:
a) Come up with creative ideas for a huge production stage number
b) Come up with a step-by-step procedure manual for medical students

WEST would choose to think creatively and be part of an exciting environment. EAST would choose to think sequentially and be part of a quiet, structured team.

Find out more about your direction, jump straight to NORTH, EAST, SOUTH or WEST

Getting to Know NORTHS

NORTHS Do It with Confidence
Motto: NORTHS get the job done first
Symbol: Lightning Bolt
Greatest Strength: Making Quick Decisions
Weakness: Impatience
Aptitude: Leadership
Priority: Goals
Motivational Turn-on: Competition
Pet Peeve: Indecision
Work and Play Style: Independent
Work Competency: Supervisory
Pace: Fast and Determined
Image: Achievement


Action Staying Busy Deadlines Challenge
Goals Responsibility Public Recognition Competition
Status Practicality Independence Winning


Indecision Excuses Apathy Irresponsibility
Self-pity Dependency Lack of Initiative Procrastination

Getting to Know EASTS

EASTS Do It with Class
Motto: Easts do it right the first time
Symbol: Planetary Orbit
Greatest Strength: Planning in Detail
Weakness: Tunnel Vision
Aptitude: Logical Analysis
Priority: Facts
Motivational Turn-on: Looking for errors
Pet Peeve: Inaccuracy
Work and Play Style: Serious
Work Competency: Organization
Pace: Slow and Cautious
Image: Quality


Quality Logical Analysis Accuracy Proving a point
Structure Good Manners Efficiency Quiet Isolation Tradition Following Rules Schedules Clear Expectations


Rushing Joking Around Chaos Self-Indulgence Change Lack of Focus Exaggeration Incompetence

Getting to Know SOUTHS

SOUTHS Do It with Feeling
Motto: Souths build the best teams
Symbol: Sunshine
Greatest Strength: Cooperation
Weakness: Non-Assertiveness
Aptitude: Peace-making
Priority: Values
Motivational Turn-on: Helping
Pet Peeve: Conflict
Work and Play Style: Group
Work Competency: Teambuilding
Pace: Slow and laid-back
Image: Compassion


Kindness Cooperation Teamwork Camaraderie
Loyalty Encouragement Feeling Needed Teaching
Volunteering Following Others Peacemaking Few Pressures


Shouting Competiton Rudeness Pressure Insensitivity Decision-making Work Overload Isolation

Getting to Know WESTS

WESTS Do It with Imagination
Motto: Wests expand all horizons
Symbol: Wave with soaring bird
Greatest Strength: Innovative Creativity
Weakness: Disorganization
Aptitude: Seeing the big picture
Priority: Methods
Motivational Turn-on: Freedom
Pet Peeve: Rules
Work and Play Style: Adaptable
Work Competency: Coordinating many tasks
Pace: Fast and flexible
Image: Originality


Freedom Brainstorming Enthusiasm Flexibility
Imagination Spontaneity Taking Risks Individuality
Excitement Few Rules Creativity Open-mindedness


Details Confinement Tedium Schedules
Routine Stagnation Repetition Tunnel Vision

Find out more about your character type in The Personality Compass.

About the Authors

Diane Turner MA has taught Speech Communication and Leadership and Organizational managements at Penn University, USA for eight years. Her areas of expertise include personality analysis, conflict resolution and development of corporate communication networks.

Thelma Greco holds holds an M.Ed. specializing in team building from Penn State, where she taught for over ten years. She conducts leadership training and works with organizations on ways to increase their productivity, morale and profitability. She is also a professional handwriting expert and Forensic Document Examiner.

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