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MARIA CALLAS - the diva under the Jungerian looking glass (UK tv documentary)

MARIA CALLAS - the diva under the Jungerian looking glass (UK tv documentary)

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Posted by Jan den Breejen on November 25, 1998 at 03:35:48:

One of the interviewed persons said about her: her career was an enormous succes but she made it feel to herself as a deep tragedy; Callas was definitely an E4 but what is her MBTI type?

Introversion vs Extraversion
Introversion: she preferred intensity and depth over broadness and superficiality. Also she was a closed personality with regard to her personal life. When her career had stalled she withdrew from public life and locked herself in an apartment.

Sensing vs Intuition
Intuition: she was often completely out of touch with reality; too 'visionary' about the chances of her getting happy with E8 greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis (even after he fell in love with Jacky Kennedy she believed he would marry her), also the lack of realism is clear from her disastrous re-entry as a performer; her voice had deteriorated enormously from not excercising for years and she went up the stage as if nothing had changed...When an ex-manager confronted her with a contract just after a show she screemed to him 'You can't hurt me; I am an angel...' Very 'Intuitive' in the Jungerian definition of the word! Her indulging in nostalgia at the end of her life is also in line with the Intuition facet.

Thinking vs Feeling
Definitely Feeling: her behavior was based on impulses from her heart; she was not a calculated woman at all. Her impulsive decision to stop singing is only one example.

Judging vs Perceiving
Judging: many E4's strive for perfection in self expression; this is a kind of ambition that requires strict discipline and training. She was relentless for herself; this perspiration stands in contrast with the freewheeling Perceiving facet of Jung.

An interesting proof for her E4-ishness is that she found committing suicide after the death of Onassis to banal; she got herself purposely so intense that she died from an heart attack...

I guess that the INFJ qualification holds true for many E4's.

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