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The Cider House Rules (2000)

The Cider House Rules (2000)

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Posted by Jan den Breejen on March 23, 2000 at 06:54:15:

The Cider House Rules (2000)

Having spent the majority of his childhood in an orphanage so nice one wonders why any kid would want to leave it, Homer Wells (Tobey Maguire) decides on the spur of the moment to go out into the big bad world. He hitches a ride with young unmarried couple Wally and Candy (Paul Rudd and Charlize Theron), who had come to get an illegal abortion from the head of the orphanage, the kindly obstetrician cum gynacologist cum all-round-nice guy, Dr Larch (Michael Caine), who had taught Wells to be a doctor in the hopes he'd stay. Wally gives Wells a job picking apples, but when he's sent off to war, Wells and Candy start making eyes at each other.

The main movie characters psycho-analyzed:

Dr. Wilbur Larch
Larch shows semi-succesful repression of deep emotions, he's a disillusioned ether addicted solitary (ex-) idealist who had worked hard to become a moral hero by helping young people; 'My first priority is an orphan's future'. He's depressed but also quite a strong willed and self-righteous man; who doesn't like to compromise or to do things the way others want it to; he's authoritarian; he plans Homers future and forces Homer to live in his plan; and doesn't even seem to bother if Homer likes it or not. He has calvinistic traits; 'in any life you have to be of use'; preachy-teachy/moralistic/lecturing; 'Lieutenant you should…', 'This is what not doing (abortions) gets you!', 'You have to give this right too!', 'He doesn't send a PROPER letter', he has clear opinions about the harshness of life; 'life IS waiting'. But what's most typical is what dr. Oldham describes with the Serious Style (DSMIV calls it depressive disorder) is the 'plodding through' attitude; and realistic view on life (i.e. seen through glasses that zoom in on the many negative things in reality; leading to a cynical worldview). Enneagrammists would likely mention E4 and E1 (or E5) as the main 'colors' in the corresponding archetype.

Homer is an aimiable, friendly, quiet guy; contented for a long time to do routine work (apple picking); 'If I wait long enough, I don't have to do anything..' Dr. Oldham's adaption of the DSMIV classification has two characters which Enneagrammists would be likely to label E9; the Self Sacrificing Style and the Leisurely Style. Since Homer is very ready to take the initiative to help people in need, and not lazy the Self Sacrificing Style fits best. Enneagrammists would be likely to mention the E4 color in his character too; he has a tendency of self-defeating behavior.

This introverted boy could match with Oldhams Idiosyncratic Style; he looks a bit weird/un-connected. Enneagrammists would be likely to type him as E5-4.

'Nobody ever wants me…it's not fair…'. This passive complainer would fit best with Oldham's Leisurely/passive agressive style; enneagrammists would point out the E4 and E9 character colors.

Mary Agnes
Playful girl, focus on sex…..perhaps E7/adventurer (or E4?)

Buster - E7-ish?
Naughty playful look in his eyes

'Uhmmm…', she's staring, she's goofy in the way Cameron Diaz is. Most enneagrammists could say E9, and she's self-centered (on pleasure) which would make Oldhams Leisurely style the best fit. Like Clinton she's not so clever in limiting herself with her sex needs.

He's the archetypical 'irresponsible/foolish adventurer', volunteering to fly over the Himalayas's and already dreaming of it. Optimistic, brash guy, good at making social contacts, playful. Oldham's Adventurous style and enneagram E7 type make a good fit.

Wally's mother
Looks E3-ish/Oldhams Self Confident Style, businesslike, she runs the Cider House.

Rose Rose
She's depressive and melancholic; of course this is triggered by her incestuous father abusing her. She over-reacts (knife)..Enneagrammists would likely type her as E4 character; and Oldham's Mercurial style would fit best.

Mr. Rose
Authoritarian; no-compromise, correcting the working behaviors of the picking team members, trapdoor moralist (incest), also tragically and paradoxically conscientious; punishing himself because of feelings of guilt; 'I just wanna put things straight..and that RIGHT Homer?' Enneagrammists would see the E1 color in his character; and Oldhams Conscientious Style (DSMIV obsessive/compulsive) fits well.

? so easily irritated, but he doesn't take on the verbal fight; perhaps E6?

Stern woman at the orphanage; attitude of an 'auditor'/monitor/evaluator.

Looks E6-ish

Tormented and intensely disappointed at what life has offered to him, hate drives him to sabotage the cider making process; hateful remarks at Homer. Oldham's Leisurely/Passive Agressive Style contains many E4 elements. (perhaps Mercurial Style?)

E9-ish passive fence sitter, man of the good life. Oldhams Leisurely style fits.

Comments anyone? Lots of characters could be seen only in flashes so I guess opinions/estimates are likely differ…


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