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Profiling killers - Ralph Marcus

Profiling killers - Ralph Marcus

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Posted by Jan den Breejen on March 25, 2000 at 10:23:41:

Profiling killers - Ralph Marcus


CON MAN Ralph Marcus was so infatuated with Patty Howard he continued to pursue her after she married and had children - and even offered her mom money to break up the marriage. After repeatedly being rebuffed, the cold-blooded hood set out to seek revenge ...by plotting to kill Patty's son Nick and collect on an $850,000 life insurance policy he convinced the gullible teen to take out -naming Marcus as beneficiary.

"Marcus is a cold, evil, conniving piece of scum," Cary Tommeraason, special investigator with the Yolo County District Attorney's office in Sacramento, Calif., told. Marcus liked to scam insurance firms, according to Tommeraason. "He thought only fools worked for a living." The crook had known Patty Howard, 41, since he was 17. He pursued her even after she married Daniel Howard 23 years ago and hecame the mother of Nick, and a daughter, Jaime, 23. "She'd discourage him, hut it wouldn't make any difference," Daniel, 48, told: Brazen Marcus offered Patty's mother $50,000 to try to destroy the marriage, said the investigator. Then, in 1993, he offered Patty $50,000 for one of her eggs so he could have a child hy her. "That was the last straw," said Daniel. "She wrote him, telling him to get lost. We think that's when he decided to seek revenge by killing our son." Nick was a sheltered 18-year-old and easily impressed, said his father. Marcus, a hardcore gambler, set out to befriend Nick. He persuaded the boy -who admired his flashy lifestyle -to buy an insurance policy and name Marcus as beneficiary. He told him they'd then fake the teen's death and split the payout. Seven months before Nick's death on Feb. 5, 1997, he secretly took out the policy. Marcus, 44, assured him they could make it appear that Nick drowned in the Sacramento River, said the boy's dad. "The plan was for Nick to go to South America and hide out till they got the money. "But Marcus had no intention of having Nick simply disappear. He planned to kill him! " Nick was last seen alive February 4. Late at night, be made two pbone calls -to a pal and bis sister - saying be was on his way home to Sacramento. "It was all part of tbe plan," said Tommeraason. "He wanted people to think he was driving back along the Sacramento River, had fallen asleep, driven into the river and drowned. "He had arranged to meet Marcus. He tbought they would dump his car in the river and then be'd disappear. Hut Marcus overpowered the un- suspecting youngster, choked him until he collapsed and hurled him into the water. "Marcus put the car in gear and it ran into the river and sank," said Tommeraason. Nick's parents re- ported him missing the next day and, based on the two phone calls Nick had made, cops began searching the river. Two days later, divers found Nick's Mazda. His body wasn't found until February 25. One of the people who turned up to help in the search was. .. Marcus! "He made it look like he was distraught at losing his, best buddy," said the youngster's heartbroken father. At first, it appeared as if Nick's death was an accident. Water was found in his lungs, indicating he was alive when he went under. "Marcus had choked him just enough to overpower him. He knew that if Nick was dead when he went into the water there wouldn't be any water in the lungs, and we'd immediately be suspicious," said Tommeraason. Hut Marcus had made a mistake. "The pathologist found trauma to the neck muscles, indicating somebody tried to strangle him. We knew we had a homicide and Marcus became our immediate suspect when we found the insurance policy," said Tommeraason. Marcus was convicted of first-degree murder. He is awaiting sentencing. The con man-gambler had pulled his last - and most terrible - con job.

++++ Comments by Jan:
dr. Oldham describes the obsessed/tricky Vigilant character style with the following hallmarks:
- avoid competition and power struggles with the Vigilant...he needs to feel in complete control of his destiny...if the Vigilant person is unjustiably jealous or worried about your loyalty, DON'T be flippant or dismiss these concerns as silly...don't underestimate the seriousness of such worries to a vigilant person, reassure your (ex-?)mate of your devotion...this person will have a LONG MEMORY; the vigilant person in your life can be unforgiving...persistently bearing grudges, being unforgiving of insults, injuries or slights..'
DSMIV calls this character the Paranoid. Enneagrammists are likely to call it E6 (counterfobic variant).


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