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Lisa Nicole Carson (actress from Ally McBeal series)

Lisa Nicole Carson (actress from Ally McBeal series)

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Posted by Jan den Breejen on March 29, 2000 at 02:04:37:

++++ Case text:

Lisa Nicole Carson (the 'Ally McBeal' actress)


I saw first-hand the madness in the eyes of tormented Ally McBeal star Lisa Nicole Carson. Recognizing her in the lobby of a posh Beverly Hills hotel, I simply put out my hand to say "hi". Hut the actress - who plays Calista Flockhart's level-headed roommate Rellee Radick on the hit show -, responded with such fury that I was left cowering and af raid for my safety. "Get out of my face, y ou f****** bitch," Carson screamed at me as staff and guests from the hotel looked on in amazement. Then, at another point in her obscenity-filled tirade, she yelled: "Let me see you again, bitch, and it's on for you, bitch.
You and your whole f****** family. Get down and crawl. Come on, you bitch, get down and crawl outta here like a f****** snake." Carson who had recently been released from a locked psychiatric ward in New York's Lenox Hill Hospital after an eight-day stay for a drink and drug binge - was eventually calmed down by police. Cops were called three times to the hotel on Feb. 22 before finally taking the 30-year-old beauty away on a misdemeanor charge of interfering with a business. She was later taken to UCUs Westwood Medical Center for treatment. The drama began when I walked into the lobby of the swank L'Ermitage hotel, where stars such as Elton John, TLC and Macy Gray were staying on the day before the music industry's biggest event, the Grammy Awards. I was alone, seeing who was around, when the first person I spotted in the hotel bar was Lisa Nicole Carson's boy (right) talk to cops who al a disheveled Lisa dressed in scruffy, blue-denim jeans, a gray sweat shirt and battered tennis shoes. She had earlier been in the bar dressed only in her bathrobe. When she sat down, the robe fell open, revealing forthe world to see that she was wearing no underwear. I knew that she had only recently been released from a psychiatric unit in New York. But I wasn't prepared for what happened. Lisa looked and smelled awful. Her hair was a mess, her face pale, lips dry and cracked - and I could smell alcohol on her breath even though it was only 11 a.m.

As I approached with a friendly smile and an extended hand, she threw me a dirty look and jumped behind a patio door, latched it and began making strange faces at me through the glass, rolling her eyes and crazily sticking out her tongue. Then she suddenly started smiling pleasantly before the demons seemingly gripped her once again and she began mum- bling incoherently. Within seconds she stormed back into the bar and started shouting at everyone in sight - and that included me. I retreated to the bar where Lisa's boyfriend Raheem was seated, but this was no haven as Lisa's mood got more bizarre despite attempts by her brother and boyfriend to calm her. To make matters worse, her cocker spaniel was gnawing at my feet, tripping me at nearly every step. Her eyes rolling back in her head, Lisa approached me men- acingly. "1 want to see her crawl like a snake," she snarled. Raheem tried to step between us, but to no avail. I assured her I would leave. The last thing I wanted was to get into a catfight with this woman, but she was blocking my exit and showed no signs of standing aside. Then, for a split second, she moved to grab her glass of wine from the bar, and as she weaved to her right I took the opportunity to duck to her left.

I literally ran outside as fast as my legs could carry me. I reached the hotel valet's desk and thought I had found a safe haven, but Lisa stormed after me, laughing hysterically and stood inches from my face. I felt the spittle fall on my face as she spat out another obscenity laced tirade. Thankfully, I was saved by the officers of the Beverly Hills Police Department. Unknown to me, someone had called 911 and told them that Lisa was out of control. I later learned it was the second call they had that day. But there was little they could do. She hadn't technically committed a crime and, because Lisa had been living at the hotel, they couldn't just evict her without court proceedings. I found out people had been talking about her at the hotel before I got there. She was
staying in a $500-a-night room, number 708. One person said they had seen her walking around aimlessly, puffing on cigarettes on the no-smoking third floor. Then she lay on the floor and stared vacantly at the ceiling. "She looked like a zombie," he said. Aguest told me she had seen Lisa ranting. "She was saying, 'Leave me alone. I win do what I want when I want to.' We were an afraid she was going to hurt her-self." After I left, cops eventually came for a third time and carted her away in tears. She is due in court on March 8.

++++ Jan's comments on the case text:

We see here a textbook example of dr. Oldhams Agressive Style (DSMIV sadistic disorder) in stress:

- Lusty excess in food and drinking
- Bullying
- Physical and verbal agression to establish dominance by intimidation

Oldham mentions the following hallmarks of this style applicable to Carson's behavior:

- has used physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship
- humiliates or demeans people in the presence of others
- is amused by, or takes pleasure in the psychological or physical suffering of others
- gets other people to do what she wants by frightening them (through intimidation or even terror)
- restricts the autonomy of people (will not let people go etc.)

The most suitable enneagramtype of Lisa is N8.

The reporter looks like a goal focussed Self Confident Style character; provoking poor Lisa to enable the reporter to get applause and money by writing a juicy article; the tears the paperazzi woman sheds are crocodilic! The corresponding enneagramtype is N3.


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