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Liz Taylor & Richard Burton

Liz Taylor & Richard Burton

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Posted by Jan den Breejen on April 18, 2000 at 03:50:52:

Liz Taylor & Richard Burton
- textbook example of a 'sado-masochistic' symbiotical relation.

Case text:

A HEAVILY boozing Liz Taylor convinced herself she'd found a terrific way to beat the bottle - by smoking pot! That's just one of the bombshells author Ellis Arriburn drops in his explosive bio of Liz, "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World." The blockbuster book is going to make headlines around the world when it comes out this spring. We now have a fascinating sneak preview including the inside scoop on Liz' pot-smoking binge, which she undertook with the
encouragement of a drug-dealing Peter Lawford, claims the author. Incredibly, the book also asserts that macho Richard Burton was actually bisexual and after seducing Liz, the sex-crazed actor then tried to seduce her r husband Eddy Fisher! Hailed as the world's greatest beauty, Liz was attracted to a string of bisexuals and gays, writes the author. When she romanced bisexual Tab Hunter, he overthrew her for "Psycho" star Tony Perkins. Liz' life, as depicted in the bio, is rilled with one bizarre twist after another. "One of the book most shocking claims is that at one point Liz' legendary battle with substance abuse, she found herself under guidance of Peter Lawford. It was Lawford who encouraged her to try pot as well as other drugs," said a publishing insider familiar with the biography. Liz' experimentation with marijuana reportedly began in mid-1973. "Amburn writes that Elizabeth believed she was curing her alcoholism with marijuana," revealed the insider. Peter Lawford, according to the author, was supplementing his income by dealing drugs. By the time Taylor married Burton for the second time in 1975, her pot smoking days with Lawford appear to have ended. A source close to Liz confirmed that at one time the screen queen smoked pot with abandon and turned into "the world's biggest space cadet!" "Once she was primping for a party after getting high. She INNOCENTLY picked up a can of hair spray and gave herself a healthy last minute touch-up. "But she was so whacked-out on weed she didn't realize she was wearing a hat. She coated the bat with hair spray thinking it was her hair!" One of the most bizarre episodes in the book revolves around Liz, her her then-hubby Eddie Fisher and then-lover Richard Burton. While filming "Cleopatra," Liz brought Richard to the villa where she and Eddie were living and then left the two men alone together, said the insider. According to Amburn, after Elizabeth left the room, a very drunk Richard decided he wanted to have sex with Eddie. Eddie rebuffed him. "But Burton's real love was the most celebrated actor of his day Lawrence Olivier. Their gay relationship didn't last long because they had the same problem -both were married to highly visible and attractive women." The book a1so paints a shocking portrait of Burton as a two-fisted brute who MANHANDLED his fragile wife, revealed the insider. "During the making of 'Cleopatra': Richard gave Elizabeth a bruta1 beating that left her with temporarily disfiguring facial contusions. When she threatened to kill herself (GUILT inducing behavior; jdb), Richard said, 'Go ahead.' " The beating was so intense, according to the book, that the badly beaten Liz took 22 days to recover before she could resume filming. Nicky Hilton, her first husband, was ABUSIVE and once kicked her so hard in the stomach that she miscarried, says the book. When Michael Wilding dragged his feet about becoming her second husband, Elizabeth grew impatient and began dating Tab Hunter. But soon Hunter dumped the gorgeous actress in favor of Tony Perkins. Wilding and Taylor tied the knot and had two sons. But Wilding continued an affair with bisexual actor Stewart Granger. As her marriage to Wilding fell apart, Liz found consolation in the arms of yet another homo- sexual, according to the bio. Elizabeth and Rock Hudson became intimate, the book asserts, but the affair wasn't a memorable one. "After several more between-marriage affairs, Elizabeth, then 24, landed in the arms of
WIFE-BATTERING Hollywood producer Michael Todd, 47, who became her third husband," said the insider. "Todd's reputation as a violent lover preceded him. Actress Joan Blondell claimed he'd given her a broken arm during their relationship. "One night at a dinner party' he threw Liz to the floor where they clawed each other. Suddenly they stopped, got up, went into another room where they had sex, then returned to the dinner as if nothing happened!" After Todd's untimely death in a plane crash, Elizabeth moved on to Fisher and Burton. "Burton was frequently unfaithful," says the insider. "He even hit on their nanny." Concluded the insider: "Despite her incredible beauty, Elizabeth Taylor was exploited in one way or another by every man in her life."

++++ Jan's analysis
The interesting thing is that the masochistic life line through Liz' life seems to have been connected with the life lines of many sadistic lovers; Richard Burton being the most prominent. In a weird way both parties were symbiotic; mistreatment being closely related to unconscious sexual excitement.

Liz'character matches perfectly with dr. Oldhams description of the Self Sacrificing, Self Defeating/Masochistic personality (DSMII-R):
- is helpful to others ('let me do this for you'; even when it causes herself pain)
- gentle, naieve and innocent
- 'chooses people that lead to disappointment, humiliation, failure or mistreatment, she began to attract only men who were all-take-and-no-give, selfish, cruel and even rapacious lovers who only thought of their own needs'
- 'complain on how ill they feel, or bemoan their difficult straits....thoughts of suicide....making others feel GUILTY ('poor me')'
- risk of being seriously abused

Richard Burton seems to match with dr. Oldhams Agressive Style (DSMIII-R sadistic character):
'sadistic individuals will hurt, humiliate, punish, bully, threaten and intimidate in order to be in control...wife beaters...no empathy...enjoy the suffering they inflict'


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