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The Tantric Sex Friend

The Tantric Sex Friend

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Posted by Jan den Breejen on June 02, 2000 at 02:55:46:

The Tantric Sex Friend

Case text (fictional!):

This man amazes you. By his own accounts, he is the total master of his own sexuality. Apparently he considers seven-hour intercourse to be 'a quickie'. He has developed his sexual muscles to the point where he can use them to pick up a pea. He hasn't ejaculated for 15 years. For his partners, he doesn't count
anything under 10 as a multiple orgasm. What he can't tell you about pheromones, kundalini and erogenous zones isn't worth knowing. He can tell the difference between the clitoris, the G-Spot and the perineum. He can do semen retention till sexual ecstasy is coming out of his ears. His bookshelves groan under the weight of unexpurgated volumes of the Kama Sutra and The Perfumed Garden, of the Hite report, Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, and any in-your-face sex manual that's ever been published. His small talk is full of the quaint, poetic allusions of classical eroticism, all about his 'Piercer' and her 'Jade Room' and 'The Final Transcendence of Passion'. He can go on at great length about every esoteric position, from the relatively straight-forward 'Bull among the Cows' to the anatomically impossible 'Flying Ducks Reversed'. His own personal favourite is known as 'The Plumbing Repair Man' (you stay in all day but nobody comes). But sometimes you wonder about him. He claims that all this stuff is only a sort of incredibly advanced form of meditation -it's not really about sex or pleasure, it's about following the spiritual path towards enlightenment and
self-realization. Yeah, right! And, with all this wonderful stuff going on, what a terrific way to get laid. Anyway, if he's so good at it, how come he has to keep finding so many new partners?

+++ Jan's analysis
This archetypical character is an introvert: he's bookish, a collector and social/relational problems, he's extremely patient, and sees sex as a buddhistic meditation technique. This lonely wolf 'dirty mind' fellow seems to be a 'porno' version of Oldhams Solitary Style of character(DSM Schizoid disorder.) Since I suppose this style to be relatively over-represented with Internet-users (solitary voyeurism); anyone seeing his/her psyche mirrored in the Tantric Sex Friend? I've allways thought the makers of pornographic comic books to be likely Solitary Stylers; as well as many of their readers. If you are a Solitary Styler; let us know in which (if any) behavioral form this archetype manifests itself with you (overtly graphic descriptions will be deleted)


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