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Posted by Jan den Breejen on July 02, 2000 at 12:14:16:


Case text:

FLAMBOYANT pianist Liberace once ordered his plastic surgeon to transform the face of his male lover into a younger version of himself. The shocking claim is made in a new book about the secretly gay showman, Liberace: An American Boy - a blockbuster that exposes the private world of one of the world's greatest entertainers. Liberace met handsome Scott Thorson in 1976 when Thorson was just a boy of 17 and the music legend was 56.

Liberace quickly moved the teenager into his home and offered him a job as his chauffeur and bodyguard. But Thorson never dreamed that the entertainer also wanted to make him into a liberace clone. In 1978, Liberace had cosmetic surgery to make himself look younger, and paid doctors to recreate Thorson's face in his own image. During a preoperative interview with the surgeon at the star's home, Liberace jumped up and ran into another room returning with a large oil portrait of himself, Thorson says in the book. "I want to make Scott look like this," he remembers Liberace saying as the pianist propped the painting up in front of the doctor, says the hook. It was a full-face portrait of Liberace and one of his favorite paintings of himself, clearly showing his prominent cheekbones, slightly arched nose and pointy chin in the most flattering way. This was exactly the look the surgeon imposed during a two-step, seven-hour operation. He first used silicone implants, Thorson explains, "to reshape my round face into a reasonable facsimile of Lee's heart-shaped one." Five days later, the doctor lengthened and narrowed his nose to the same end. The result? "1 looked like a younger, Nordic version of Liberace," Thorson is quoted as saying. And making love to his clone really turned the pianist on, says Thorson in the book.

But Liberace had lots of other kinky quirks, too. He was into GAY PORN and visiting sex shops, according to Pyron's book. "He used pornography to become aroused and ready for sex," Thorson says in the book "Each time he viewed one of his tapes, he'd want to have sex. Before my arrival, he'd watch hard-core porn as a steady diet." Liberace and his young lover DIDN'T STOP with skin flicks. They made the rounds of porn palaces around the world. In 1981, they visited an X-rated shop in one of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.'s, sleazier neighborhoods. The entertainer ogled the racks of smutty magazines and merchandise. "Lee's eyes gleamed as he took it all in," Thorson recalls in the book. But Thorson says he wasn't comfortable with Liberace's RECKLESSNESS - and let him know "You're a well-known star," he told him. "You're out of your mind to goto a place like that. What would you have done if someone had seen you ?" Most of the time, Liberace was very guarded about his sex life. His lovers were usually
anonymous men he picked up. But Pyron says that Liberace did have a secret affair with Rock Budson. "Such an affair did occur, by Rock Hudson's own admission," says the author. "Hudson had revealed the circumstances of the affair to Boze Hadleigh, a Hollywood writer. "The affair happened at the height of Liberace's fame, and Rock was an up-and-coming star in Hollywood. "But in general, Lee preferred young street boys. Famous guys didn't really turn him on. His character was such that he had to feel superior to his lovers".

According to author Darden Pyron, Liberace's first male lover was an athlete - a Green Bay Packers lineman whose identity was never revealed. After years of covering up, Liberace's gay sex life was finally made public in 1982 when Thorson sued him for palimony. Their romance had soured. Thorson slapped the star with a $13 million palimony suit, claiming he provided Liberace with "emotional and sexual satisfaction and gratification."

Liberace went on to another lover, Cary James, but the star contracted AIDS and died in 1987 at 67. To the bitter end, Liberace denied he and Thorson were lovers and that he was homosexual. "At the time of his death, neither his mother or sister accepted the fact that he was gay," Pyron revealed. Thorson ended up with only $100,000, while James, who died of AIDS in 1995, received "a nice Chunk of money from Liberace's estate." But Thorson, who reconciled with Liberace right before he died, doesn't care that he wasn't in the win, says a source. "It was Lee's deathbed request that we reconcile and vow to remember only the wonderful times," he says in the book. "There will never be another Liberace in my life."

+++ Jan's analysis

When I board the train every day there is a man who is so intensely in love with a woman (not very pretty at all in my opinion) that he accompanies her even when she has boarded the train, stays with her, passionately kissing and hugging her, talking at extremely close distance; and only leaves the train a few seconds before departure. SO INTENSE! The sentence in the case ''DIDN'T STOP' is very typical for borderline/Mercurial style characters; for example when they fall in love with a family member they WILL have sex with him/her; they just can't be stopped. I know a Mercurial Style child which when put on a track to do something just can't be stopped at doing it.

The restless 'mercurial' facet of Liberace is to be seen in the gay need to switch partners.

Liberace and Elton John are both very intensely feeling persons (Liberace has very piercing eyes) with extravagant clothes; Elton admitting that he needed these to compensate feelings of inferiority. Liberace's move to put the 17 year old boy in his home as his assistent reflects the extreme intensity of feeling in love relations; the partner MUST be at very close distance; an intensity which of course must 'sour' one day or another.

The need to have sex with young man to which he could be superior reflects Liberace's deep feelings of inferiority. His attempt to re-create himself as young boy could reflect feelings of frustration with getting older and ugly. Also Liberace's very secrecy in not daring to reveal his homosexuality doesn't testify of great self-confidence.


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