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Enneagram and Astrology:
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Enneagram and Astrology:

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Posted by Rich on January 12, 2002 at 13:11:45:

In Reply to: Re: psychology and astrology: posted by Nancy on January 11, 2002 at 22:24:09:

: : : the test ...seems to accurately and "objectively" find out the same things an astrologer could tell you without having to ask you 104 questions and play around with the score sheet.
: -----
: what do you think about the idea of doing a random sample? is it enough to have the results of just one person?

: i've been thinking about the enneagram and astrology, and to reward my contemplation, The Mountain Astrologer ran a 3-article series last year.

: when i examine the systems together i ownder about the process of determining one's type, versus reading one's natal chart. Would not the enneagram method be more deductiv, the latter,more intuitive?

: that's why i wonder about the random sample as a more scientific mode of checking out the validity of astrology., depending on how one uses the term validity of course.
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: : : I felt a bit sorry for these people. Here they are spending all this time in school to figure out a way to get the basics of a person's chart (by testing them) without using astrology... If they insist on keeping the DSM terminology, fine, but maybe they can learn some things from astrology, for example:
: ******
: paradigms can be powerful indeed.
: i think that the enneagram has more in common with psychology than astrology in its method of determining type. whereas it has more in common with astrology because of its more subtle descriptive rather than negative pathologizing typing system.
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: : : Further, psychologists using the DSM typology may find it helpful to think of the personality types as pairs, where some of the characteristic of the opposite pole should be helpful in reducing disordered behavior.
: ^^^^
: interesting
: ^^^^
: : :
: : : One final thing I noticed, there is some mixing in of adjacent sign symbolism.
: !!!!!   
: cusps and wings!

Hello Nancy:
I think that astrology is a puesdo-science, and as an historian can bring a lot of examples to back up my case. As for the Enneagram, I follow Riso, and am on record saying that he has found fame and fortune through the brillance of his 18 wing types-obviously he has watched of actual people. The Enneagram itself needs a lot of work, or Jan wouldn't have to ask, "which enneagram?"

You bring up an excellent point about pairing Ennea and Oldham styles. That certainly would be very informative for the layperson, and lead to awareness of what to avoid, and what you have to acquire to grow! Rich

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