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So on your planet people are disembodied?nt
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So on your planet people are disembodied?nt

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Posted by RoTtEn ApPlE on December 14, 2000 at 16:37:19:

In Reply to: On a similarity of thought scale 1-10, we are around a 3. You are sooo alien to me in the ways you think! nt posted by Bartholomew on December 14, 2000 at 12:44:26:

: : : as in one that is made by humans. non-biological. an android.

: : : is it possible? ever? if not, what's so special about being biologically human it impossible to model in a machine? what's so special about 1st person experience? do you have to be biological to have it? is it even a thing we can talk about?

: : We can talk about anything. Can we prove it...no. Or at least, not until you get the mad scientists together in the future world of yours and start the experiments.

: : : embodiment seems important. but what about if it lives in a dream world? i have the experience of embodiment in my dreams, and i could in a virtual/artificial reality which fed info to my brain. so is it really the "experience" of embodiment? the feeling of it? the belief in it?

: : Yeah, but you are still in your body when you dream. So it's not necessarily the same as being disembodied. Our brains are designed to run sensation scenarios... a process of imagination. But imagination still is limited by real life body experiences that have been collected and can be rearranged. I don't think we have experienced enough separation from our experiences and certainly from our physical beings to draw any real conclusions here... and that is also why we are so uncomfortable and uncertain with the idea of consciousness in the disembodied. It's freaking foreign to our experiences.

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