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What food preferences say about your personality

What food preferences say about your personality

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Posted by Cory on March 21, 2000 at 23:52:19:

In the Sunday, March 19 edition of the Riverside, CA newspaper The Press-Enterprise, there's an interesting article on how snack preference pertains to personalities. The six personalities listed seemed to have parallels to the Enneagram.

The snack foods
-Potato Chips
-Tortilla Chips
-Snack crackers "Ritz"
-Cheese Curls "Cheetos"
-Meat snacks

Then the six personalities, but not matched up with food preference
-Shy: contemplative, shy, introspective, rather than intuitively oriented, decisions are reasoned and not based on emotions. Avoid confrontations as to not hurt the feelings of others. They have many diverse interests and are involved in a multitude of projects simultaneously, all competeing for their time and attention. They value their private time and are most creative when allowed to be alone, free from their daily responsibilities and interruptions. Easily find themselves involved in an Internet romantic relationship.
-High Achiever: Ambitious, successful. They enjoy rewards and trimmings of their success - both in business & family life. They feel pride and happiness when their spouse and children are also successful. They seek nothing less than the best in those around them. Easily frusterated and indignant at life's inconveniences.
-Perfectionist: Aren't satisfied with a grade of A, they need an A plus. Their concern extends beyond their own actions and also to the community at large - they are distressed by the inequities and injustices of society. This concern for how others feel would make them an ideal house guest. Always prim and proper at social conventions and conservative.
-Flirt: Lively and energetic, they crave novelty and easily become bored by usual routine. They are excited by the challenge - whether it be work, sports, or home. They thrive in the world of abstract concepts and tend to lose interest in the mundane day-to-day world. There is a tendency to initiate new projects without having to complete the last, and to overcommit to work and family chores. Happy in the role as a flirt, they are comfortably dressed in an attractive manner. Will be on top of the latest craze - having accumulated a herd of "Beanie Babies", they are ready to conquer the next fad. Make decisions on intuition and emotion. At times, they are overly trusting, especially in romantic relationships. A welcome addition to any grouping, they are "the life of the party, lively, enthusiastic, and fun to be with."
-Proper: Formal, always conscientious, principled, maintains the moral high ground with family, work, and romantic partners. They have a fine sense of right and wrong and justrly treat those with whom they interact - the CEO is treated with the same fairness and concern as the bus boy. Best described by one adjective: Integrity. Rather than showing reckless disregard for the future, they plan ahead, anticipate any possible future catastrophes. Whether it be band-aids or batteries, their house is stocked and ready. Orderly and perfectionistic, they are most comfortable with an uncluttered desk. At work, play, or at home, no detail is left undone.
-Social: Gregarious, they are generous to a fault, and will make extraordinary self-sacrifices to please others. Loyal and true friends who can always be trusted. However, their overtrusting nature predisposes them to emotional turmoil, especially when breaking up with a lover.

What types do you think they are?
Shy...Doesn't fit well with 4 or 5. Says they make decisions on logic, then it also says they are concerned about others feelings.
High Achiever: 3, easy guess.
Perfectionist: 1, it's strange that they never heard of the Enneagram either
Flirt: 7
Proper: Sounds very much like a Perfectionist, but this appears to be the "Prussian Soldier" subtype of Six.
Social: 2 or 9

What are your favorite snacks out of those? I'm going to make a test like this for my site.


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